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Steinjäger News

Brand New and Improved Camaro and F Body Pricing

Mar 21, 2014

It's hard to believe, but it's been one year since we introduced our F Body panhard bar and control arm family of parts. Our manufacturing costs and expertise have continued to improve with this product line and as such, we are pleased today to announce that these savings and improvements are being passed on to you, the customer. Our new prices are up to 60% lower!  Besides having more and more fun, we just continue to get better!

Steinjäger Jeep Sway Bar Reviewed at

Mar 06, 2014

We just received a great review online at on our sway bar that fits the Jeep TJ Wrangler. Here's the weblink.

Jeep TJ Wrangler Foot Rest Price Drops!

Feb 20, 2014

Our J0028970, a foot rest or foot peg that fits the Jeep Wrangler TJ, has DROPPED in price. We're manufacturing more of these now and it has translated into a much lower cost.  These now sell for $25.24! Think of it - for just $25.24 - you can have a set of foot rests ('foot pegs') for your Jeep and offroading fun!

Jeep Wrangler JK Vent Mirror

Feb 13, 2014

J0030249: This great new product - (2) spotter mirrors that fit on the Jeep JK Wrangler air vents - is priced to sell.  MSRP for these is only $5.93 and they come in retail packaging (for resellers). If you're not a Steinjäger reseller yet, apply today!

J0030246: (60) 3/4-16 RH x 3/4 chrome moly rod ends, (60) 3/4-16 LH x 3/4 rod ends chrome moly rod ends, (60) RH and (60) LH plated jam nuts, (60) RH and (60) LH thread bungs for 1.250 x 0.120 Tubing... MSRP $1,913.56.

Photos added today for Chevy Monte Carlo 1978-1988 Poly/Poly Single Adjustable Rear Lower Control Arms J0017891. MSRP $187.88.

Photos added today for Camaro 1982-2002 Panhard Bar Poly/Heim Joint (Chrome Moly) Double Adjustable. DOM Tube. Black Powdercoated. J0014452. MSRP $124.25.

Photos added today for Camaro 1982-2002 Single Adjustable Poly/Heim (Chrome Moly) Rear Lower Control Arms. J0017858. $169.56 MSRP.

Also added today: Buick Regal 1978-1987 Double Adjustable Poly/Poly Rear Lower Control Arms. DOM tubing. Chrome Moly Thread Bungs. Black Powdercoated. J0017868. MSRP $219.21.

Jeep JK Wrangler Magnetic Drop-In Mirror

Feb 07, 2014

J0029732: We're excited about our drop-in magnetic mirror for Jeep JK Wranglers. This patent-pending design can be installed in less than two minutes. We posted a video on our youtube channel. See the JK video here.  We also have a new TJ mirror.

If you like Jeep videos, our youtube channel also shows us installing a hood latch tightening mechanism that's based on rod ends. The TJ video is here. Links to the product page for the TJ latch J0023991. And for the JK latch, J0029523.

Between the snows and the new Jeep mirror designs this week, we've also had a few team meetings to work on some pending new Mazda and Miata sway bars, as well as some more brainstorming on Jeep JK designs.  The craziest discovery this week is that we should be molding our own polyurethane bushings.  We're going to be installing a new molding machine in April and hope to introduce our first designs mid-summer.  The sponsoring project... not quite a secret anymore... is a very broad line of rebuildable rod ends.  Our rebuildable rod ends won't be just a 'me too' design. These are going to be Steinjäger tough, will have great misalignment angles 40° minimum, with multiple sizes at 45°, and with a special added feature that we haven't seen before (but that part is a secret).

Visit Steinjäger: More and more customers are bringing vehicles and parts to us. It's almost a daily occurrence now that someone either brings us a vehicle or sends us a part. We're not an install shop - we're a design center and a manufacturing facility, but the vehicle is the best way for us to quickly do a design. As mentioned above, we were working on sway bar designs yesterday - four of them simultaneously (not bad for a few hours work).  If you are within a day's drive and can spare your vehicle for a day, let us know. Anything we come out with you get one set for free and a huge discount on future orders of that product.  If you want to send a part to us, it's far better if it's an existing performance part - it's somewhat more difficult to reverse engineer a stock part without the vehicle present.

New Mustang, Audi, VW and Universal Parts

Feb 05, 2014

Between the snows of the last few days, we've introduced a few new designs to our system:

Ford Mustang 1979-1998 Rear Lower Control Arms, Non-Adjustable, Poly/Poly J0023992. Retail price of $194.40.

Volkswagen VW Passat 198-2005 Front Upper Control Arms, Double-Adjustable, with Chrome Moly Spherical Rod End Bearings ('heims'), J0030137.  This design is cool because we've developed a rod end stud (ball joint stud) that replicates the stock arm - we've made it integral to the ball joint. This is sure to please the performance aftermarket enthusiasts since it is both a new approach, and a very cost effective one. Will also fit the 1996-2008 Audi A4, 2000-2008 Audi S4, 1998-2004 Audi A6, 207-2008 Audi RS4 front upper control arms.

3/4-16 RH x 3/4 Female Chrome Moly Spherical Rod End Bearing (Heim) that is VERY long. Our J0030154 is the great for suspensions where you need to stretch your linkage, or just for added adjustment in your unique application.

119mm Long M12 End Links. Our new J0030160 end link solves the problem encountered with designs now available - those end links that are too short to use a connecting tube or bar, but are too long for the standard male and female rod end combinations.  Our J0030160 bridges that gap by providing a 119mm long end link with ±17mm of adjustment.

Cabe Wire Stop: J0030235. Use our barrel cable wire stop to act as a pivot point on the end of your control cable. Fits onto the wire output end commonly seen on parachute cables.

Just when you were starting to think that we were all about Jeeps!

Motorsport Club Sponsorship and Charity Events

Jan 31, 2014

If your motorsport club has upcoming events and needs auction items or door prizes, or if your club is sponsoring a charity event, please contact us (mcr [at] steinjager [dot] com) and let us know what your event is.   Besides it being great marketing for us, we're glad to support the efforts of your club whether they be for fun or for charity. Clubs that received items from us this week include the New Jersey Jeep Association and WV Jeepin.

Facebook 100 Sale

Jan 30, 2014

To celebrate that we should be hitting 100+ Likes on our Facebook page in the next few days, we are announcing a 10% coupon sale for all orders received between now and February 9, 2014.  To take advantage of this sale, just enter the coupon code FB100 when ordering from our website and you will save 10% on your Steinjäger order. To be valid, the orders must be placed via the website.

If you haven't 'liked' our Facebook page yet, here's our link.

New Products

Jan 28, 2014

Build Your Own 4 Link Poly Bushing Ends: New to the Steinjäger line up today are a series of grade 8 threaded studs that you can weld onto tubular bushings to make your own poly bush ends.  LH and RH thread sizes for 1/2-20 thru 1.25-12 threads. Quick link to the 3/4-16 RH size.

Polaris RZR 2014 1000 XP Rear Radius Rod Kit. We posted the photos of this exciting new product today - J0030180. This kit features DOM tubing and chrome moly spherical rod end bearings (heims).

Volkswagen Passat 1998-2005 Front Upper Control Arms Rebuild Kit, Double Adjustable, Chrome Moly Rod Ends: We also posted a photo of this product today, our J0030138.

Wishbone Kit with Poly Bushings: This product photo was added today - J0015467.

Mustang 1979-2004 Rear Upper Control Arm: This product photo was added today - J0017948.

Hot Rod and Classic Car Do-It-Yourself Carburetor Restoration Kit: This photo was added today - J0029524.

Personalized TJ Wrangler Tube Doors

Jan 27, 2014

Our personalized Jeep TJ Wrangler Tube Doors are now available, J0030226. Send us your name, logo, or image in JPEG format and we'll laser etch it on the vertical mirror support steel (see image on product page). This personalized set of doors is great for bling, fund raisers, charity events, clubs, gifts, or that special touch for your TJ. Order 10 sets and we'll do the personalizing for free (we'll charge you the price of the J0029673).

February 25% FOUR LINK Sale

Jan 20, 2014

We're excited to announce our FEBRUARY FOUR LINK SALE. Customers who order a four link kit from us will receive a 25% discount on their order.  To qualify, the following apply:

• The order must include:
   â€¢ (a) Four of our 'WPT' Suspension Tubes, AND
   â€¢ (b) One of our '4M' Tab and Clevis Kits, AND
   â€¢ (c) Eight Male Rod Ends ('heims') or Male Poly Bushings in ANY combination

• The order must be shipped to one location

• Anything else added to qualifying orders will also be discounted 25% as long as the order ships to one location

• In order to qualify, the order must be received by us on or before February 28, 2014, 3:30pm central standard time

• Orders can be sent by email, phone or fax to Trudy Warmath:; ph 309-772-3010 ext 624; fax 309-772-2266

• For questions on configurations or designs, email (Please don't call Trudy with design questions - use the mcr email address; we like to reserve Trudy's time for filling orders).

To help you with your tube search, we have 1,416 welded and powdercoated 4 link tubes. Once you follow this link, use the tiered search buttons to narrow your choices.

To help you with your tab and clevis kit search, use this link. The '4M' designation is not something our site will allow you to search by yet, but as long as you pick enough weld on tabs and/or clevises to make a 4 link, it will qualify for the 25% discount.

Here is the quick link for the spherical rod end bearings ('heims') for your four link.

Here is the quick link for the male polyurethane bushings for four four link kit.

Polaris Radius Rod Kit

Jan 16, 2014

Recent new parts include:

• Polaris RZR 1000 XP Rear Radius Rod Kit with Chrome Moly Rod Ends J0030180

New Audi, Volkswagen and Jeep Products

Dec 19, 2013

We've had a busy month with trade shows, cyber Monday sales, and preparations for year end. Even so, we've been able to introduce some new products:

• male clevises such as J0029578
• aluminum male spherical rod ends such as J0029679
• 7/8-14 x 3/4 rod end kits such as J0029706
• new push-pull cables with bare wire outputs such as J0029695
• new carburetor linkage kits (universal) - J0030118
• 11/16-18 x 5/8 bore male chrome moly rod ends - J0030121
• more heim joint rubber boot options - J0030136
• Volkswagen Passat Front Upper Control Arms (1998-2005) - J0030137
• Audi A4 Front Upper Control Arms (1996-2004) - J0030139
• Rear Sway Bar for the Jeep TJ - J0030153

We have lots of designs in process that we hope to release in the next 4 to 6 weeks including parts for the Jeep JK Wrangler, Porsche's, Polaris RZR's and much, much more!


Nov 25, 2013

Steinjäger is offering a 25% off sale on Monday, Dec 2, 2013. To receive your 'cyber Monday' 25% Steinjäger discount, the following rules apply: (1) The website pricing won't be changed; the 25% discount will be applied by us when we receive the order. (2) The order must be received by us by phone, fax or email between the hours of 6am to 3:30pm CST on Monday, Dec 2, 2013. (3) Orders placed on the website will NOT receive the discount - only orders placed by phone, fax or email will receive the discount. (4) Orders should be emailed to, or faxed to Attn: Trudy at fax 309-772-2266, or phoned in to Trudy at 309-772-3010 ext 624. Happy Shopping! Remember the reason for the Season - CHRISTmas.

New Door to Fit Jeep TJ Wrangler

Nov 14, 2013

Our new tubular door for the 1997-2006 TJ Wrangler is now available - J0029673.   We've started production of the rear sway bar and have almost finished the design work for a long travel kit.  If you have an idea for a TJ product, let us know!

Contract Manufacturing

Oct 18, 2013

Steinjäger offers contract manufacturing for control arms, panhard bars, anti sway bars, end links, traction bars, camber arms, strut tower braces, 4 link suspensions and just about anything else that utilizes fabricated tubing, fabricated bar, push-pull cables, spherical rod end bearings, thread bung adaptors, weld on tabs/clevises, or poly bushings. 

Guidelines: If your project requires complex welding fixtures or forming dies, run quantities of 25 to 50 pieces can be done very economically.  If your project is a straight tube, or a simple weldment, run quantities of 5 or even 1 piece can be done economically.  We'll work on target cost arrangements. We also can provide capitol investment in the project's tooling and inventory in certain circumstances.  

Steinjäger's approach to the market is to provide a growing list of vehicle-specific motorsport products, to make subcomponents available to do-it-yourself builders at a reasonable price point, to provide margin support for resellers, to provide a large variety of products and FTP website support for online retailers, to provide multiple items in retail-ready packaging for small race and speed shops, and to assist other manufacturers thru private labeling and contract manufacturing arrangements.

Our customer service approach, software,  organizational system, philosophy and passion for motorsports drive us to find unique and creative ways to serve multiple aspects of the industry.  Contact us and let us know what we can do to help you grow your business and improve your margins.

New Jeep Parts and New Retail Packs

Oct 16, 2013

Between the recent trade shows we've been able to develop some more great offerings...

• Retail Packs of Thread Bung Tube Adapters in clamshell packaging
• Retail Packs of Rod End Boots in clamshell packaging
• An assortment kit of Rod End Spacers that includes (10) 1/4", (30) 5/16", (30) 3/8" and (30) 7/16" bore washers.
• A Ten Pack of M6 x 12 Go Kart Brake Clevises
• Front Sway Bar End Link Kits for Jeep TJ's for stock height, 2" Lifts, 4" Lifts, and 6" Lifts.
• A Wish Bone Kit
• and TJ Wrangler front bumper attachments including a Bolt On Stinger with Light Bar, a Bolt On Stinger, and a Grill Guard with Light Bar.

Be sure to visit us at SEMA. We'll be in the South Hall, Booth 20060.

October Rush

Oct 03, 2013

We're having too much fun to call this work!

We've set up an FTP site so that our jobbers and dealers who have online stores can direct their internet stores to our FTP site to pick up daily pricing, quantity on hand and lead time information.

We were inspired at a trade show two weeks ago and lined up 3 UTV's to tear apart - so in the last 5 days, we've gone thru a 2008 Polaris Ranger, a 2009 Polaris RZR, and a 2012 Polaris RZR. We're going to come out with some foot tube rails (nerf bars), some fat boy door tubes, some a-arms and some radius arms.

We've also added some new clevis options, some more bulk rod end kits (J0029528) and a do-it-yourself carburetor restoration kit (J0029524). 

Off to Pomona!

New Product Additions

Sep 18, 2013

During the last few days, we've added a number of male poly bushing ends for 2.625" wide poly bushings (such as J0029380), Tubular Thread Bungs/Tube Adapters in Retail Packaging Clamshells (such as J0029413), Spherical Rod End (heim joint) Rubber Boots and Seals in Retail Packs (such as J0029506), a 5000 piece pack of 5/8-18 RH Class 2 Plated Hex Jam Nuts (J0029514), a forged thread Traction Bar Monster Link 74" long for F250 and F350 trucks (J0029411 and J0029412), a new hood flutter linkage kit for Jeep JK 2007-2013 models (J0029523), and about 200 other new designs.  All-in-all , not bad for a few days work! 

Keep following us in the weeks and months ahead... we still think we can improve the rate at which we introduce new products!

New Navigational Tiered System

Sep 07, 2013

We have changed our tiered search system (the drill down approach) to be a more traditional search system. Here are the new first tier search criteria:

• Buick
• Chevrolet (2nd tier includes Camaro, Corvette, Malibu, etc)
• Ford (2nd tier includes Mustang, Thunderbird, Model T, etc)
• Jeep 
• Mercury
• Oldsmobile
• Pontiac
• Steinjäger
• Toyota
• Universal (see notes below regarding the Universal section's tier 2)

We'll be adding multiple other vehicles as our development progresses.

Our Universal Tier has multiple options now:

• Adjusters
• Bar Cut-to-Length
• Cable Ball Joints
• Cables, Push-Pull
• Carburetor Linkage
• Clevises, Female
• Control Arms
• End Link Drop Clevis Kits
• End Links for Sway Bars
• End Links with Drop Clevises
• Fasteners
• Flat Bar Cut-to-Length
• Gas Pedal Lever Arm
• Hood Prop Rod
• Linkage Rods
• Poly Bushing Replacement Kit
• Poly Bushing Steel Housings
• Poly Bushing Weld On Kit
• Poly Bushings, Female
• Poly Bushings, Male (4 Link Bush Ends)
• Poly Bushings, Male Kit (Bush End, Bung, and Hardware)
• Rod End Kits (Rod Ends, Bungs, Nuts, etc)
• Rod End Misalignment Inserts
• Rod End Spacers
• Rod Ends
• Rod Ends in Retail Packaging
• Rod Ends, Bump Steer
• Rod Ends, End Link (Extra Long)
• Rod Ends, Shock Absorber
• Rod Ends, Solid
• Shift Linkage
• Spoiler Strut Rods
• Suspension 4 Link Hardware Kit
• Suspension 4 LInk Tab & Clevis Kit
• Suspension 4 Link Tubes
• Thread Bungs
• Threaded Tubes
• Traction Bars
• Tubing Cut-to-Length
• Tubing Pre-Notched
• Uniball Cup and Snap Ring Kits
• Uniball Cups
• Uniball Retaining Rings
• Uniball Studs, Install-Your-Own
• Uniballs
• Wish Bone Kits