Maintenance Guidelines & Tips

Name Description
J0029733 Installation: Some minor cleaning of the inner diameter of the body mounted hinge holes may be required to ease installation. Rust, corrosion, and buildup may occur in the hinge hole which could make installation difficult.
J0031113 Installation time required: Estimated 20 to 30 hours, including welding of chassis mounts. An alignment will be required after installation. Video Link of our Long Travel Kit: Video Link of a Jeep TJ Wrangler with all our parts installed: Does not fit the TJ Unlimited (LJ)
J0048041 If you have a 2002-2004 with the NV3550 manual transmission, there may be an interference issue with the reverse switch. You may need to purchase a reverse switch for a 2000-2001 Wrangler with the same transmission. The older switch will have a long pig tail attached to the sensor to clear this kit.
J0048823 Installation video: