About the Name Steinjäger

Stein is the German word for rock. Jäger is the German word for hunter.

How Do You Pronounce 'Steinjäger'?

About Steinjäger

Steinjäger was founded in 2013 by principals of Midwest Control Products Corp to better serve the motorsport market with application-specific products. The new corporation is a hybrid of motorsport-savvy designers and enthusiasts, blended with fabricating personnel drawn from Midwest Control Products Corp, whose 45+ year company history of experience with manufacturing tubular fabrications, bar fabrications, push-pull cables, and spherical rod end bearings, creates a unique culture of high quality, great value costs, state-of-the-art manufacturing, and customer focus. Challenge Your Environment ™.

About the Steinjäger Logo

The Steinjäger logo features the ibex. The ibex can be found in the Austrian Alps mountain range, but only atop the highest reaches where it lives alone in one of the harshest environments. Known for its extraordinary resilience, speed, and agility, the ibex ideally characterizes the rugged nature of the Steinjäger product line - products designed and made to allow you to push your vehicle to the limits of speed and terrain.

Get Free Parts!

Help us design new parts! If you have a part on your vehicle that you think can be improved upon or enhanced, let us know; send us pictures and a description of what you’d like to see offered. If we decide to pursue your project and ask you for samples of your current part, you may qualify to receive a free part or some amount of purchase credit once we introduce our solution design.