Steinjäger News

JK Wrangler Hood Hinge LED Lights & Bracket

Apr 03, 2015

Our new JK Hood Hinge Light Kit is now available. The J0040927 sells for $373.30 and includes two 8 inch LED lights, as well as our made in the USA hood bracket system.

Steinjäger's First Cloth Todd - The 'Teddy Top'

Mar 31, 2015

We are pleased to announce we've completed our first cloth mesh top for two door JK Wranglers. We will be calling our new line of cloth products Teddy Tops and have filed for the trademark registration on the name Teddy Top :)         Our 2 door JK Teddy Top is a light mesh design with a built-in header. We make this ourselves in the USA. J0041038 MSRP $130.91. MANY more designs and options pending in the upcoming months.

Steinjäger Show Jeep Heads to Oklahoma

Mar 27, 2015

We took a few pictures yesterday of our new 2 door JK Wrangler before we loaded it up to drive to Oklahoma for a show there this weekend.  Steinjäger products visible in this picture: Hood Latch Kit,  Front Sway Bar Quick Disconnect End Links, Front Track Bar,  A-Pillar Brackets and 50 inch LED Light Bar Kit, Lower Windshield LED Lights and Bracket Kit, Hood Hinge Light Bar Bracket and LED Lights (not yet available), Front Bumper (not yet available), and Adjustable Front Sway Bar Kit. Steinjäger products on this Jeep, but not visible in the photo: Vent Mirrors, Rear Sway Bar End Links (Non Disconnect), Axle Tie Down Brackets, Grab Handles, Rear Panhard Bar, Control Arms, Spare Tire Carrier Delete Plate, Rear Sway Bar Kit, Rear Bumper (not yet available), Rigid Rear Grab Handles, and Vacuum Pump Relocation Bracket Kit.  All told, we now have $3,700+ worth of accessories available for the JK Wranglers, with much, much more due out in the next month, and more to follow in July and then again in September - all products made by or exclusively for us here in the USA.

Arm Rests for Tube Doors

Mar 25, 2015

Our Steinjäger Tube Door Arm Rests for our tube doors (fit TJ and JK Wranglers) are now ready! Made in the USA by us, our arm rests are a foam sleeve that fits 1.25" diameter tubes. We then cover the foam sleeve with a heavy duty black canvas that attaches to the door using hook and loop straps. J0041031 $34.55 MSRP contains two arm rests to fit our JK Wrangler front tube doors. J0041033 $34.55 MSRP for rear JK tube doors. J0041032 MSRP $67.12 fits all four JK tube doors. J0041034 MSRP $34.55 fits our TJ Wrangler tube doors.

4 Link Calculator & System NOW LIVE

Mar 23, 2015

FOUR LINK CALCULATOR. For the past four months, we have been developing internet software that we call the 4 Link Calculator. This software allows you to design, price and order 4 Link designs within just 2 or 3 minutes as long as you know (1) the bore, width, and thread size of your linkage or control arm ends, (2) the overall center-to-center lengths), (3) how you will attach the linkage or control arms to your chassis (ie: welded tabs, etc), and (4) the type and size of tubing you'd like to use.  Our software contains over 9,000 linkage end options and over 1,064 tube types, lengths and sizes, giving you over 2.2 million potential linkage designs. Your finished design will give you all the components you need to build COMPLETE 4 link kits. Typical applications include control arms, track bars, panhard bars and more.  We plan on adding even more design options in the months ahead. Click HERE to try out this cool software!

JK Vaccum Pump Relocation Bracket

Mar 11, 2015

J0041007 is now ready. MSRP $35.15. Use this kit to relocate your vacuum pump if it interferes with your aftermarket bumper (our aftermarket bumpers are being prototyped - they first options will soon be ready!)

Rear Grab Handle Kit to fit JK Wranglers

Feb 16, 2015

2 Rear Grab Handles included in this kit. J0040941. $81.81 MSRP. Made in the USA. Fits the factory sound bar. Hardware to attach included in kit. Grab Handle fits the Jeep JK Wrangler 4 Door models.

Do It Yourself Bump Steer Kits

Jan 26, 2015

We added a new family of do-it-yourself heim joint (rod end) bump steer stud kits to our offerings. This series has studs to fit 1/2 bore heim joints, 3/4 bore heim joints, and 5/8 bore heim joints. These kits include lock nuts and spacers.

JK Spare Tire Carrier Delete Plate

Jan 23, 2015

J0040922 Delete Plate, MSRP $45.08, is now available. If you have removed your factory spare tire carrier, you can use this Delete Plate to cover the unsightly holes in your factory tailgate.

LED Light & Bracket for JK Lower Windshield

Jan 22, 2015

Steinjäger's first LED Light and Bracket kit is now available. Our J0040930 kit sells for $199.08 and includes two 10 watt LED lights and two mounting brackets. Kit attaches with factory bolts. The pair of brackets can be purchased separately for $46.56 - see our part number J0040929.

Front Sway Bar for JK Wrangler

Jan 21, 2015

Front Sway Bar - MSRP $105.01 - fits JK Wrangler.  Our J0040928 Front Sway Bar is now available. Made in the USA, this kit includes both an adjustable front sway bar and the poly bushings required to mount it. The sway bar is 0.750 OD x 0.120 W DOM powder coated tubing.  Tube hole options provide you the opportunity to control the stiffness of the bar.  Steinjäger also offers do-it-yourself sway bar end links - see J0031207 - as well as a variety of other off-the-shelf type end links.

JK Wrangler Double Adjustable Track Bar and Panhard Bar

Jan 20, 2015

New Track Bar and Panhard bars to fit JK Wranglers. Double Adjustable. Made in the USA. The Track Bar, J0031390, has a MSRP of $124.82, is double adjustable, fits vehicles with a 3" to 6" lift. Our new Panhard Bar, J0031389, MSRP $139.35, is also double adjustable, made in the USA, and fits vehicles with a 3" to 6" lift.

We've Been Busy...

Jan 13, 2015

Lots of new products today... items manufactured by us in the USA. Clockwise in order starting in the upper left hand corner...Wrap Around Grab Handles. J0031248. Pair sells for $30.10.Rear Seat Middle Bolt in Grab Handle. J0040915. $21.75 each.Swaged Radius Rods:  48 new parts - plated and powder coated options. 9" Part $10.17.Rear Seat Outside Bolt in Grab Handle.  J0040917. Pair sells for $26.14.

JK Control Arms for 0" to 2.5" Lifts

Jan 08, 2015

Our JK Control Arms are now available! The J0040914 is for a full set. Can also be bought in pairs. J0031201 is the Front Upper. J0031202 is the Rear Lower. J0031203 is the Rear Upper. J0031204 is the Front Lower. Construction is poly race, non-adjustable powder coated DOM tubing. Made in the USA.

Foot Pegs to fit JK Wranglers

Dec 24, 2014

New Foot Pegs to fit JK Wranglers, J0031734, now available. 100% made in the USA (by us), these foot pegs use a stainless steel rod to fit into the lower door hinge. The rod is over-molded with poly to protect your Jeep's paint finish, and to give the foot pegs their styled look.

New Steinjäger Fabricators and Builders Catalog

Dec 10, 2014

We are pleased to announce that our new Fabricators Catalog is available in PDF format online (click here). This catalog has EVERYTHING you need to build 4 Link Kits, Control Arms, Panhard Bars, Sway Bar End Links, End Link Drop Clevises, Control Cables and much, much more. Printed copies will be available in January 2015.

TJ Wrangler End Link Review

Dec 09, 2014

Here's a link to a customer provided video review of our rear quick disconnect sway bar end links for the Jeep TJ Wrangler:

Wins $500 worth of Steinjäger Products

Dec 08, 2014

Congratulations to Chris Roell of Westminster, CO, our November photo contest winner. Chris sent us some GREAT pictures of his JK Wrangler in action. Chris is using his $500 prize to buy a new set of Steinjäger Tube Doors for his four door JK Wrangler.

Black Friday - Cyber Monday Sale

Nov 25, 2014

Steinjäger is having a 10% sale for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The sale starts at 12:01am on Friday, Nov 28th and lasts thru Monday, Dec 1st.  Enter discount code SJ2014BF at checkout.  Our offices will be closed Friday, November 28th for the Thanksgiving holiday, but the internet store is OPEN!

Steinjäger Takes Jeep Wrangler to Wayland Academy

Nov 24, 2014

On Saturday, November 22, 2014, Mark and Luke from Steinjäger took our project TJ Wrangler to visit Wayland Academy ( in Beaver Dam, WI, to show Wayland's pre-engineering students how an offroad suspension works. Wayland is a co-educational boarding school for grades 9-12. That's right - these students are in HIGH SCHOOL!