Steinjäger News

New Foot Peg Design to Fit Jeep JK Wranglers

Sep 09, 2015

Sep 9, 2019: We have introduced a brand new line of foot pegs to fit the Jeep JK Wrangler.  Priced in the $57.06 to $69.23 range, these foot pegs fit snugly over the door hinge.

Track Bar for Jeep JK Wranglers

Sep 09, 2015

Sep 9, 2015: Our new Heim Joint type Track Bar to fit the Jeep JK Wrangler is now available. Our double adjustable Front Track Bar has a chrome moly heim joint on one end and a poly bushing on the other end. Made in the USA, the J0041429 retails for $128.14.  Our new Panhard Bar to fit the Jeep JK Wrangler is also now available and has the same features as our Track Bar. The J0041428 rear Panhard Bar sells for $137.08.

Hood Hinge Light Mount LED Bracket Kits

Sep 09, 2015

Sep 9, 2015: Steinjäger's new line of Hood Hinge Light Mount Brackets to fit the Jeep JK Wrangler are now available. These made-in-the-USA brackets come in a variety of colors. Pricing is in the $190 range. Here are just a few of the color options: J0041430 is Fluorescent Orange. J0041431 is powder coated Red (Red Baron). Other colors include Southwest Blue, Neon Green, Pink and many more.

Top Rock 4x4 Runs Steinjäger Heim Joints

Aug 19, 2015

A special thanks to Top Rock 4x4 for this great photo of them crawling rocks with Steinjäger heim joints. Thanks guys!

Monster Length Heims

Aug 05, 2015

We are pleased to introduce our new series of MONSTER LENGTH chrome moly heims! Now available in popular sizes of 1/2 x 1/2 up thru 1.25-12 x 1", in both LH and RH threads, our extra long heims allow you to get more adjustment out of your control arms. Quick links: 1/2 x 1/2 x 3.438" Long: LH  RH 5/8 x 1/2 x 3.625" Long: LH  RH 5/8 x 5/8 x 3.625" Long: LH  RH 3/4 x 5/8 x 4.125" Long: LH  RH 3/4 x 3/4 x 4.125" Long: LH  RH 7/8 x 3/4 x 4.625" Long: LH  RH 7/8 x 7/8 x 4.625" Long: LH  RH 1.25 x 1 x 5.625" Long: LH  RH

TJ Tube Door Colors

Aug 04, 2015

Our tubular doors to fit Jeep TJ Wranglers now come in multiple COLORS... Fluorescent Orange J0040992 Lemon Peel J0040996 Locus Green J0040993 Military Beige J0040994 Neon Green J0040991 Pinky J0040995 Playboy Blue J0040990 Red Baron J0040997 Southwest Blue J0040989 Unpainted Bare Metal J0040331

Control Arms to fit TJ Wrangler Now Available

Jul 22, 2015

Steinjäger has introduced a whole line of new control arms to fit the TJ Wrangler. All of these are made in the USA... J0041314 Front Lower Control Arms, J0041315 Rear Lower Control Arms, J0041316 Front Upper Control Arms, and J0041317 Rear Upper Control Arms.  

Steinjäger Manufacturing Video

Jul 08, 2015

Great new Steinjäger promotional video showing Steinjäger parts being designed, manufactured and used in the USA!

Steinjäger Family Tree

Jul 07, 2015

The Steinjäger 'Family Tree' of our parts to fit the Jeep TJ and JK Wrangler.

Cargo Net to Fit 4 Door JKU

Jul 06, 2015

Jul 6, 2015: Our new Cargo Net to fit the Jeep JKU 4 Door Wrangler is now available. The J0041321 is made by us in the USA and is priced at $271.99. The Cargo Net fits with the factory hard top, as well as with our mesh and solar Teddy™Tops.

Customer Wins $500 Store Credit!

Jul 02, 2015

Congratulations to Jonathan of Spring Hill, FL for winning a $500 Steinjäger store credit in June! Jonathan entered his JK into Steinjäger's monthly photo contest and his vehicle received the most visitor 'votes' so he's the proud winner of our monthly $500 photo contest. Jonathan is now sporting some new Steinjäger foot pegs, hood latches, neon green tubular doors, and door mirrors. Click HERE if you want to enter our photo contest.

JK Cargo Cover

Jun 11, 2015

Our J0041214 Cargo Cover is now available. The J0041214 fits the four door JK Wrangler (JKU). Made by us in the USA, this cargo cover is priced at $61.12. Video instructions available.

Tube Door Color Options

May 21, 2015

Steinjäger has released multiple new tube door color options today! Are popular tube doors for Jeeps are now available with multiple color options. We fabricate and powder coat these doors in our USA factory, making color options a natural evolution in our product development.  These are some of the new colors: J0040940 Red Baron, J0040938 Pinky, J0040936 Locas Green, L0040934 Neon Green, J0040932 Southwest Blue, and J0040935 Fluorescent Orange. More colors pending!

Tube Door Covers

May 18, 2015

Our new door covers are now available. The J0041050, MSRP $144.71, covers our front JK Wrangler tube doors and includes two covers and the bungee balls to attach the covers. We make these door covers in the USA.

Jeep Beach 2015

May 07, 2015

Jeep Beach 2015: Here's a picture of our booth during Jeep Beach a few weeks ago. Our booth was crazy busy the whole show. We sold out of TJ and JK Tube Doors, door covers, and sold lots of foot pegs, track bars, tie rods, pan hard bars, sway bars, sway bar quick disconnect end links, hood latch kits, limb risers, spare tire delete plates, molded grab handles, solid grab handles, 12 ounce can holders and control arms.  We'll be back!

New Catalog of Products for Jeep Wranglers

Apr 16, 2015

Our new catalog of products to fit Jeep JK and TJ Wranglers is now available for downloading - refer to our catalog download page. Our new catalog has over $6,000 of American made products for the JK Wrangler and $3,500 of American made product for the TJ Wrangler. 

Rear Bumper for the JK Wrangler

Apr 11, 2015

Steinjäger is pleased to announce our rear modular bumper, J0041047, is now available. Priced at $372.67, our bumper is made by us in the USA of 3/16 steel plate, migwelded and powder coated. More designs and accessories pending.

JK Wrangler Hood Hinge LED Lights & Bracket

Apr 03, 2015

Our new JK Hood Hinge Light Kit is now available. The J0040927 sells for $373.30 and includes two 8 inch LED lights, as well as our made in the USA hood bracket system.

Steinjäger's First Cloth Todd - The 'Teddy Top'

Mar 31, 2015

We are pleased to announce we've completed our first cloth mesh top for two door JK Wranglers. We will be calling our new line of cloth products Teddy Tops and have filed for the trademark registration on the name Teddy Top :)         Our 2 door JK Teddy Top is a light mesh design with a built-in header. We make this ourselves in the USA. J0041038 MSRP $130.91. MANY more designs and options pending in the upcoming months.

Steinjäger Show Jeep Heads to Oklahoma

Mar 27, 2015

We took a few pictures yesterday of our new 2 door JK Wrangler before we loaded it up to drive to Oklahoma for a show there this weekend.  Steinjäger products visible in this picture: Hood Latch Kit,  Front Sway Bar Quick Disconnect End Links, Front Track Bar,  A-Pillar Brackets and 50 inch LED Light Bar Kit, Lower Windshield LED Lights and Bracket Kit, Hood Hinge Light Bar Bracket and LED Lights (not yet available), Front Bumper (not yet available), and Adjustable Front Sway Bar Kit. Steinjäger products on this Jeep, but not visible in the photo: Vent Mirrors, Rear Sway Bar End Links (Non Disconnect), Axle Tie Down Brackets, Grab Handles, Rear Panhard Bar, Control Arms, Spare Tire Carrier Delete Plate, Rear Sway Bar Kit, Rear Bumper (not yet available), Rigid Rear Grab Handles, and Vacuum Pump Relocation Bracket Kit.  All told, we now have $3,700+ worth of accessories available for the JK Wranglers, with much, much more due out in the next month, and more to follow in July and then again in September - all products made by or exclusively for us here in the USA.