7/8-14 RH Grade 8 equivalent 10 Pack

7/8-14 RH Grade 8 equivalent 10 Pack

7/8-14 RH Grade 8 equivalent 10 Pack

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Part #: J0030218

Brand: Steinjäger

10 Pack, Threaded Stud with Jam Nut, Weldable, 7/8-14 x 2.875, Grade 8 equivalent. Build your own rod end or poly bushing.

Approximate Weight (lbs): 6.84

California Residents: WARNING

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Universal Threaded Stud, Weldable 7/8-14 RH Grade 8 equivalent 10 Pack

Quantity per package: This package includes 10 Weldable Threaded Studs and 10 Jam Nuts

Product Name: Threaded Studs, Weldable

Thread Size: 7/8-14 RH

Thread Length: 2.875 inches

Stud Length: 3.375 inches

Material: Heat Treated 4140 Steel, Grade 8 Equivalent

Welding Surface: Non-threaded end is coped to a 1.000 inch radius to provide an improved fit for tubular bushings

Mating Parts: Steinjager offers a full line of Tubular Bushings and Uniball Kits to weld to

Custom Fabricating: Steinjager offers a full range of tube fabricating capabilities including sawing, cnc bending, robotic mig welding, tig welding, threading, drilling, tapping, reaming, deburring, forging, upset forging, press forming, press flattening, assembly, rotary swaging, power bending, and powder painting. Laser cutting, cnc turned parts, multispindle parts, and progressive stampings are also available as part of tubular weldments and assemblies. Steinjager also offers complete wireforming capabilities including all of the above process, plus zinc plating, heat treating and cold heading. Let us custom build and/or private label your application for you!