Special Deals

Special Deals

Salute to Veterans

Steinjäger offers almost all of it's American-made products in 18 different powder coat paint color options, including Locas Green and Military Beige. As a salute to the men and women of our armed services, we offer discounts on these products. Thank you for your support of Steinjäger and the men and women protecting our nation.

Sale Prices are only valid while the item is on sale. When you click thru the link of the product in which you are interested, 'cookies' will keep track of the sale price when you go to check out PROVIDED you order within 24 hours AND the item is still on sale. NOTE: when you click out to the page's full details, the price shown on that page will be the REGULAR price, NOT the sale price. The sale price will be shown when you go to purchase the item at check out.

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Steinjäger's Black Friday Sales Event! Ends Monday November 27th

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