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Poly Foot Pegs for JK

Foot Rest Kit Wrangler JK
Foot Rest Kit Wrangler JK Foot Rest Kit Wrangler JK Foot Rest Kit Wrangler JK

Wrangler JK Foot Rest Kit

Jeep Wrangler JK, 2007-2018, Stationary Foot Rests (Foot Pegs), Black Poly. Made in the USA. Patented.

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Make: Jeep

Model: Wrangler

Years: 2007-2018

Finish: Black Poly molded around a stainless steel wire form

Includes one driver's foot rest and one passenger's foot rest

Steinjager does not recommend the operation of any vehicle with any part of your body protruding beyond the confines of your vehicle. This product is intended for off-road stationary use only. In other words, DON'T DRIVE WITH THESE INSTALLED!

Other Common Names: JK foot rest, Jeep CVS, Jeep foot pegs

Installation: Some minor cleaning of the inner diameter of the body mounted hinge holes may be required to ease installation. Rust, corrosion, and buildup may occur in the hinge hole which could make installation difficult.

Video Installation Instructions:

Color Options: Red

Color Options: Clear Poly

U.S. Patent No 9,475,432

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