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3/8-24 LH RH Jack Screw Turnbuckle

Jack Screw Turnbuckles Adjusters

Adjusters Jack Screw Turnbuckles

3/8-24, Jack Screw Turnbuckle Rod with RH and LH threads, includes jam nuts. SJ-JSI-6F-A

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Kit Includes: One Jack Screw Turnbuckle, threaded RH/LH. Includes LH and RH jam nuts.

Thread: 3/8-24

Material: Low Carbon Steel

Finish: Plated Zinc Yellow

Overall Length: 2.125 inches

Other Common Names: Left-Right Union, Male Turnbuckle, thumbscrew, bottlescrew

Jack Screw Turnbuckles are threaded right hand on one end and left hand on the other end with a wrench hex in the middle.

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