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Header Sign Tower Display System, diy

Tower Display System, diy Header Sign

Display Tower Sign, 18.375" Wide x 5.5" High, 6mm PVC, 'D Ring Shackles'

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Available for Steinjäger authorized Resellers ONLY. CONTACT your Steinjäger representative to find out eligibility requirements.

Use Steinjäger's modular display tower to custom design your own Steinjäger display tower. One wire grid panel and one photo panel can be raised up, providing storage space internal to the tower.

The tower is mounted on four heavy duty caster wheels, making movement of the tower within your display retail area convenient.

Display space will hold typically $1,500 worth of Steinjäger's various products.

The display tower is 20" x 20", which means it takes up only 2.78 square feet.

Other dimensions:
• approximate height: 76"
• each grid panel side is approximately 36" x 18" wide, providing a total of 18 square foot of display space

The base storage area is roughly 22" x 18" x 18" storage space, providing 4.1 cubic feet of enclosed storage space.

Storage space behind the wire grids is roughly 18" x 18" x 36", providing 6.75 cubic feet of storage space.

The base area of the tower has slots for four 'base' signs. The top of the display tower has slots for four 'header' signs.

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