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8mm Bore Uniballs

8mm Bore Uniballs

Uniballs 8mm Bore

10 Pack, COMAP-M8, Spherical Plain Bearing, 8mm Bore. Nylon Bearing Race. Plated Zinc Clear (Silver)

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Quantity Per Package: This package includes 10 Spherical Plain Bearings

Product Name: Spherical Plain Bearings

Ball ID: 8mm

Housing Material: Carbon Steel

Finish: Plated Zinc Clear (Silver)

Ball Finish: Hard Chrome Plated

Bearing Race: Nylon

Housing Diameter: 22mm

Housing Thickness: 9mm

Ball Thickness: 12mm

Common Other Names for this Product: monoballs, com bearings, uniballs.

Application: Spherical Plain Bearings are used as sway bar end links, linkage ends and control arms. The housings are plated, so instead of being welded to a connecting bar or connecting tube, the spherical plain bearings are held within a control arm housing or tubular bushing with snap rings. A ball stud or mounting stud is normally assembled thru or staked into the i.d. of the ball.

Common Accessories: These Spherical Plain Bushings fit into our standard UBC series of Uniball Cup Housings. Our HMBZC and HMBSS series of high misalignment inserts are available as step-down inserts. Other accessories include RS rubber sealing boots, bolts and factory-installed ball studs.

Alternative Designs: Tubular Bushings with polyurethane flanges assembled or welded to tubes, or spherical rod end bearings assembled to bars or tubing.

Mounting Studs: This product is available with a factory installed mounting stud.

Warning: Regardless of a specific product's name or marketing description, spherical plain bearings used in the wrong application will fail. We encourage our customers to know the load rating requirements of their application. These housings are plated; do NOT weld on them for safety reasons. Welding them may also damage the bearing race.

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