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3/4-16 Thread - 1.250 x 0.095 tube

3/4-16 4 Link Threaded Tubes

4 Link Threaded Tubes 3/4-16

Suspension Linkage Tube, WPT12-D20095-L39.70-BP. One tube with a 3/4-16 right and left hand bung welded. Tube has a Black Powder Coat finish and is made with 1.250 OD x 0.095 wall DOM Tubing. 39.70 inches overall length. Made in the USA.

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Tubing Material: DOM Tubing, ASTM A513 Type 5 Tubing

Weld Bung Material: Chrome Moly

Tubing Size: 1.250 OD x 0.095 wall

Thread: 3/4-16

Finish: Black Powder Coat

Overall Length: 39.70 inches

Accessories: Steinjager offers a full range of WTF Thread Bungs, Polyurethane Bushings, Bushing Housings, and Spherical Rod End Bearings.

Alternative Designs: Steinjager offers complete welded linkages, as well as aluminum and steel hex bar tube connectors.

Custom Fabricating: Steinjager offers a full range of tube fabricating capabilities including sawing, cnc bending, robotic mig welding, tig welding, threading, drilling, tapping, reaming, deburring, forging, upset forging, press forming, press flattening, assembly, rotary swaging, power bending, and powder painting. Laser cutting, cnc turned parts, multispindle parts, and progressive stampings are also available as part of tubular weldments and assemblies. Steinjager also offers complete wireforming capabilities including all of the above process, plus zinc plating, heat treating and cold heading. Let us custom build and/or private label your application for you!

Other Common Names: Four Link Kit, Four Link Tubes, Four Link Bars, Three Link, Two Link, Panhard Bar, Rear Locator Bar, Control Arms, Trailing Arms, Traction Bars, Control Rod, Connecting Linkage Tube, Linkage Rod.

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