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Steinjager: When Baad is Good

Contest Overview - Every Contestant Wins a $25 Store Coupon - $500 Coupon Awarded Each Month to Most Popular Vehicle Photo Set

  1. Request Free Decals from Steinjäger
  2. Send Us Photos of Steinjäger Decals on Your Vehicle
  3. We post your pictures on our website and give you a $25 store coupon for entering the contest
  4. Website visitors vote for which vehicle photo they like best
  5. Once a Month we award a $500 store coupon to whichever picture submission gets the most online votes

Contest Rules

  1. All photos submitted to Steinjäger become the property of Steinjäger and can be used by Steinjäger without restriction.
  2. Contestants certify that the photos are not copyrighted and that the photos do not disclose any confidential information.
  3. Photos MAY be edited, but only to the extent that they make the content clearer. They may NOT be edited to the extent that they change the factual information presented in the photo.
  4. Steinjäger reserves the right to block out obscene or offensive content within the photos.
  5. The photo MUST clearly show the Steinjäger decal. Our 'litmus test' will be as follows: if someone is looking at the submitted photo on our website and could easily identify where the decal is on the vehicle, even if that identification is only possible because they know what the decal looks like because of the various Steinjäger logos shown on the Steinjäger website, we will consider the photo to be compliant.
  6. You may promote votes for your photos in any legal manner you see fit. We will be assigning a serial number to your vehicle which you can share with your friends to help them find it during the voting process.
  7. Steinjäger reserves the right to change the contest rules, regulations and prizes without prior notice.

Submission Guidelines - Guidelines for Entering the Contest

  1. You may submit up to Five (5) photos of One (1) vehicle.
  2. The photos must clearly show the Steinjäger decal affixed to the vehicle.
  3. Your photos must be in JPEG (jpg) format and less than 1MB (1024kb) each.
  4. Email your JPEG photos to us along with the information listed in number 5 below.
  5. Your email MUST contain the following information:
    1. Your first and last name.
    2. Your street address, city, state (province), zip code (postal code) and country.
    3. Your email address. This is how we notifiy you if you win. This is also how we send you the $25 store coupon redemption information.
    4. Your phone number. If you win the $500 monthly prize, we will try to call if your email does not work.
    5. The year, make and model of your vehicle.
    6. Optional: what titles do you want us to put on the photos?
    7. Optional: up to 500 words about your vehicle and/or the photos. This information can include how you have modified the vehicle, what is important about the photo, etc..
  6. Make sure you provide the above information and attach your photos. Press the button to the right side to send your photos.