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Front Tube Door Kit for 4 Door Jeep XJ

Doors, Tubular Cherokee XJ
Doors, Tubular Cherokee XJ Doors, Tubular Cherokee XJ

Cherokee XJ Doors, Tubular

Jeep XJ, 1997-2001, Trail Tube Front Doors DIY Kit, 4 door model. Made in the USA. This kit requires welding! Includes parts to make front doors. Made in the USA.

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Make: Jeep

Model: Cherokee

Years: 1997-2001

4 Door Model Only

This tube door weld kit includes all of the parts you need to build your own front tube doors.

The Steinjäger trail tube door's main construction is 1.25" and custom machined door hinges allow for easy switching from your stock door to the tube door. The quick release detent pin is held to the door with a weather resistant cable to ensure you don't lose your door latch pin.

Welding, grinding and cutting is required to install this kit. The tubes are 'bare metal'. We recommend that you powder paint them after welding.

Please check your local and state laws prior to installing these tube doors as they may NOT be legal in all states. Steinjäger does not recommend the operation of any vehicle with any part of your body protruding beyond the confines of your vehicle. This product is intended for off-road use only.

Click here for an install video

CAUTION: Removing the factory doors from your XJ reduces the rigidity of the unibody. You may very well need additional support such as sub-frame bracing, depending on how you use your XJ.

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